Developing research and innovation capacities of Latinamerican HEI for the analysis of informal labour market


LATWORK is a forward-looking cooperation project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission

With high innovation potential, it shall

  • Map the current situation in the production of research outputs on informal jobs and economy in Latin-American HEIs.
  • Build research and innovation capacities at LA HEIs through EU HEI expertise in creating Research Centres specialized in the field of labour market issues.
  • Develop a Research Network Centre to ensure inter-institutional cooperation and a regular analysis and production of outputs in the field of informality in labour market
  • Create a research output platform on informal jobs and economy to standardize and upgrade the applicability of the research results at regional level.
  • Increase the level of commitment of HEIs, researchers, academics and other internal and external stakeholders to invest regularly and produce quality research outputs about labour market issues.
  • Influence the decision-making context for the transition from informal to formal employment.

LATWORK Background

Following a period of economic growth and falling unemployment between 2005 and 2015, academic and political interest in labour issues in LA has shifted to working conditions, in particular, the high degree of informality that characterizes the region’s labour market. Indeed, there are still about 130 million workers with informal jobs in the region. Moreover, the recent arousal of the unemployment rate in LA that reached 8.1% in 2016 is an aggravating circumstance.

According to the Recommendation No.204, Chapter VIII of the International Labour Organization, it is essential to control the extension of informality in the economy and employment, therefore it is crucial to analyse and evaluate the politics and mechanisms that have been set up in order to facilitate the transition from informality to formality in the field of employment and economy.

Therefore, LATWORK will provide LA HEIs with New Research Centres, improve their research capacities, methodologies and tools to improve research results and enhance regional cooperation in this field.

Main objective

The main objective of the LATWORK project is to develop Latin American HEI research structures and innovative methodologies to satisfy the scientific needs of capacity building in the field of informal labour and informal economy.

  • a - Gain an in-depth understanding and define the current needs of Latin-American HEIs in terms of research on informal employments and informal economy.
  • b - Create high performance and innovative Research Centres in LA HEIs to produce outputs.
  • c - Develop a Research Network Centre that will enhance collaboration among HEIs academics and researchers in the region.


  • Universidad Viña del Mar, Chile - Institución Coordinadora del Proyecto
  • Universidad San Sebastián, Chile
  • Universidad de Magallanes, Chile
  • Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal
  • Universidad de Alicante, España
  • The University of Aberdeen, Reino Unido
  • Universidade Federal da Paraiba, Brasil
  • Universidade Federal de Campina Grande, Brasil
  • Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brasil
  • Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Argentina
  • Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina

Who can participate and benefit from LATWORK project?

  • HEI Research, Academic and Technical Staff
  • HE authorities
  • HE PhD candidate students
  • Top management staff
  • Experts
  • University students in subjects concerning Labour Market Issues International Institutions involved in Labour Market Issues
  • Policy makers
  • Statistics operators of regional level
  • Minsitry representatives
  • Users and members of research centres
  • Users and citizens
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28 | 08 | 2020
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Online Conference Module 3 "Género y Raza en la Informalidad Laboral" ("Online Virtual Course Informalidad y sus múltiples dimensiones en América Latina")
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